Monday, July 12, 2010

Heartbreaker is back with a CONTEST!!!

please feel free to repost this information in any of your social networking sites so everyone can know of the Heartbreaker site changes as well as the new fabulous contest!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Heartbreaker Cosmetics is now REOPENED!! I am very excited to be getting back into Heartbreaker and providing you with fantastic products and excellent service
the new website is now up and running check it out here
Right now only eyeshadows are for sale but in time other products will come back in (blushers, glows, foundation etc)
Please go check it out and let me know if you have any requests and please try something new out! Great lower prices and terrific kit prices are waiting for you!
thank you for your support

Sunday, April 18, 2010

bee luscious cosmetics

well I must say I LOVE just about everything I've tried from Bee Luscious cosmetics
I have the small professional makeup kit, the cool shadow palette, the baked mineral blush in pink swirl, and I just got another haul (yes another one) with the large spring palette and 2 of the baked mineral tri shadow pans

CoolPalette224.jpgthats the cool palette810kit08Sp224.jpgsmall kit

I would definitly recommend both of those items, with the cool palette you get a great selection of neutrals as well so its like 2 kits in one, love that one, the small professional kit is great too

the pink swirl mineralized blush/face powder is gorgeous but has quite a bit of shimmer in it, large silver glitter so I dont love that but for a night out it would be fabulous, the liptoxyl lipgloss is gorgeous but for me has a weird honey scent that really bothers me, the regular lip gloss is wonderful, feels like cashmere for the lips fabulous

they always have a discount in their site and if you become a fan on facebook they post extra discounts from time to time thats when I do my hauls when things are like 40% off cant beat it

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

spring day to night look

Hello all, thank you for the kind comments from those of you who purchased shadows from the etsy shop, please go to etsy and leave that feedback on my shop please so others can see :)

Ok this was a fun easy day to night type look for spring using one of my fav shadows from the spring line VIRGIN I mean really how can you not want that shade! Its a golden green jade color love it!
also used two faced natural eye palette for the browns and highlight and lust shadow from heartbreaker for the darker look
tutorial is on youtube

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Collection for Sale

Ok if you want to make a purchase from this collection please
check out my etsy shop!!
5gr jars $5 each, 3 for $11 or all 7 for $20, plus shipping

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

purple and blue look

this was inspired by Koko here is the link to her blog

Products used:
maybelline eye studio in eggplant
MakeupForever in #92
Mac Blue Enchantment
Mac Vanilla
Heartbreaker Cosmetics in:
INtrigue, lovesick, fierce, manic

cheeks is NYC color wheel in Pink
Lips Mac Dazzleglass in my favorite pink


Monday, February 15, 2010

Bronze and Teal look

Shadows used:
Heartbreaker Cosmetics in Smitten (inner corners)
Mac Cosmetics-all that glitters
Pur Minerals #11 beauty in numbers palette it is a nice bronze shade
Mac Cosmetics in Steamy
Nyx smokey look kit dark brown shadow
Mac Cosmetics in Carbon

cheeks in Nars blush Orgasm
lips rimmel moisture renew in summer angel

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

ANTI Valentines day look

inspired by Cora from Vintage or Tacky on youtube

PRoducts used:
BeeLuscious matte white and matte black shadow from cool shadow palette
moss green from beeluscious (inner corners)
Heartbreaker Cosmetics shadows in Panic and Lovesick
random green sparkle glitter
Cheeks pink blush from beeluscious palette
Lips- exotic pink from besame, VivaGlam VI from Mac

Sunday, January 31, 2010

waterproof mascara reviews

Ok so if you know a little bit about what has gone on in my life recently you'll know why I need a good waterproof mascara, so I went on a search to find the perfect one for ME, again these are just my thoughts and opinions so if one of these mascaras that I hate works wonders for you thats great! this is just how it worked for me :)

So I tried 9 different mascaras, I rated the on a scale from 1-4
1-hated it
2-it's ok
3-really like

Lets start from lowest to highest ALL WATERPROOF FORMULAS

Revlon 3D Mascara- score 1
BLECK this is one of the worst mascaras I've ever used, the brush is odd and small and a ton of product comes out on the wand, it deposits way too much on the lash which makes clumps and lashes stick together, I have no idea what was going on with this product but it went right into the trash

Rimmel Sexy Curves -score 2
I must say I was pretty disappointed with this one, my favorite non waterproof mascara before all this experimentation was rimmel sexy curves so I went to try this one and its just not the same, the formula is way off somehow, it does not make my lashes as long, as dark or as curvy as the regular version, if you wanted a really soft natural lash look this would work good but I wanted it to do what the regular formula did and it does not sadly

Covergirl Lashblast Lengths score-2
this was scored an ok because thats all it was while it did give decent separation of the lashes and decent length it was not dark enough for me but its nice

Covergirl Lashblast Volume score-2 if you have non deep set eyes score-3
Ok this was the mascara I was recommended by lots of girls when I was asked for your suggestions on which ones to try, and as you can see I'm torn between an OK score and a REALLY LIKE score
I loved the length and definition it gave my lashes and was really happy with the darkness, I was looking forward to a day of beautiful lush lashes
BUT I had only had it on for maybe 30 minutes before I started getting smudging on my brow bone, it was just a little so I wiped it away, then I was working for about an hour and went to the bathroom and in the mirror I saw there was a TON of mascara all smeared on my brow bone on both eyes, I mean it was bad, it looked horrible!!!
So its something with the formula, so I'd say if when your lashes are at their longest if they dont generally touch your brow bone area then you are fine, if they do I'd say you will probably get smearing

Maybelline Lash Stiletto score-3
This mascara is awesome, let me say I LOVE the patent shine that it gives the lashes, love it, the length is amazing and I loved the darkness, thought this would be my go to mascara from now on, but...... about 1/2 way through my morning it started to smear on my brow bone,, and continued to throughout the day, so alas I cant use it, again if your lashes dont generally touch your brow bone then I'd give it a 4

LA Girl H20 Proof score-3
This was a toss up for me, I liked the length, it had good wear to it, did not smudge on my brow bone at all throughout the day, but I wasnt happy with the darkness level of it, that being said it creates a beautiful natural looking lash

Revlon Double Twist Mascara score-3
Theres a lot going on with this mascara, the wand is very very fat, and I dont like that but it may not bother others, it is a pretty wet formula and may cause clumping of the lashes when you are applying it, you need to be careful or use a lash comb after applying it to separate your lashes, (but who wants to do that! I want my mascara to do it) it had good length, good fullness and good darkness and did not smear on my brow bone, but it felt really heavy on my lashes

Almay One Coat Mascara score-3.5
Had to give this a 3.5 I'll call it New Love :)
the brush is so unique, one side is longer bristles then the other, using one side to lengthen and create fullness and curl then the smaller side to separate lashes, loved that, nice dark color, great looking lashes really loved it, why is it a 3.5 and not a 4?? by the afternoon I started to have a little bit of smearing on my brow bone :( damn deep set eyes! otherwise it would be a 4 easy

Rimmel Eye Magnifier score-4
Company write up "Ultra-extending, eye opening mascara with a unique Eye Magnifier applicator. Fantastic body boosting formula For 70% more vertical lashes and an outstanding lash lift, that stays put - even when wet!"
Now its funny I went online to check out reviews of this mascara and I found a lot of negative reviews so again I'll state this is just my opinion and this is what worked best for me, also I'm sure the formula of the waterproof vs regular is different for everyone
SO for me I loved the nice dark black color, had great length from it, had NO smudging on my brow bone and that is one of the main reasons for it getting a 4 rating, but I did also really love how it made my lashes look, I had no clumping and formula was not dry at all (this was in some of the negative reviews so I'm not sure if there were some bad batches floating around out there or maybe the regular version if dryer)

So thats my review!! I will be trying more as well, why not right! So after I try another 5 brands or so I'll post again and see if RImmel's Eye Magnifier comes out on top again, oh and dont forget about the Almay One Coat I think most people would love that one!!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Mac shadows neutral eye look

Palette shadows:
brule, rice paper,naked lunch, all that glitters,vex
(row2) beautiful iris, folie, sketch, steamy, greensmoke
(row3) club, deep truth, contrast, Nehru, Carbon

here is a look I did with my new mac palette I splurged on its pretty neutral and pretty hope you like it foundation-heartbreaker cosmetics destination foundation in hawaii cheeks- nars blush in orgasm lips- beseame lipstick in champagne eyes mac shadows in naked lunch, folie, club, carbon, vanilla

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ed Hardy love kills slowly

this was a request for a pink and white look so I used my new ed hardy love kills slowly palette, purchased from
it has 6 shadows, 6 lip glosses, 3 brushes, a bronzer, 2 solid perfumes and a mirror with little lcd lights when you open it up, super cute
the shadows are nice colors but not super pigmented, you need a white base underneath to make them really show up and you need to use a good amount but all and all I like this palette, the way it looks is enough to keep

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

defined crease (from November)

Defined crease

pink base on lids (destiny)
buzzed in crease (raspberry)
tantalize right in crease (plum)
chocolate right in crease (drk brown)
lust right in crease more outer portion and under eye (black)
champagne wishes as highlight under brow (champagne color)
tantalize under eye
nookie wet under eye (metallic green)
its magic tear duct (iridescent white)