Friday, April 15, 2011

cute girls hairstyles

So it was about 8 months ago I stumbled upon this amazing womans youtube channel, cutegirlshairstyles
I have 3 young girls and their hair was always a mess or I didnt even bother to do it pretty much because I didnt have the time and could not spend 20min on a hair do for 3 girls!
Then I found my hair saviour! :)
Now I can whip out some fantastic hair do's for my girls and most of them I can do in about 5 min each!!!
I was a huge hit on Valentines day when I did "hearts" in my girl's hair, many people asked my girls if their mom was a hairdresser hahaha far from it!!!
I'll put in pics of the hearts here and please check out Mindy on youtube and her blog, I put a link in the sidebar to her blog too
happy hair dos!